About us

Hotel “Festival” is a mixture of modern and traditional design. Located in the downtown area, on the left bank of the River Miljacka, between the two historical bridges “Čobanija” and “Princip’s Bridge“.

The hotel is the work of architects who deployed their experience, creativity and knowledge to incorporate it into the surrounding without changing its authenticity, while enriching it with some new elements.

20 single, double and triple rooms luxuriously furnished and designed in both a retro and minimalist styles.

During the stay in this hotel guests can enjoy self-prepared drinks (coffee and tea) in the comfort of their own rooms. The hotel has its own private parking, a restaurant, which serves continental breakfast (buffet) along with a wide selection of traditional dishes from the rich Bosnian cuisine.

The hotel is located near the trolley and bus stations, only 20 m from the main road and tram stops.

It takes only one minute on foot to the main shopping area where one can find all the renowned brands. There are plenty restaurants and cafes in the close vicinity of the hotel, as well as cinemas, theaters, art galleries …

If you are a business visitor or you have chosen Sarajevo as an interesting tourist destination, hotel “Festival” is the right choice for you. Friendly staff of our hotel is at your disposal 24 hours to make you feel as comfortable as if you were at your own home.